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Anti Acne Aqua Gel moisturizer | Skincare

Anti Acne Aqua Gel moisturizer | Skincare

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Hydrating gel moisturizer


This gel texture moisturizer is the perfect choice for oily skin types and dehydrated skin, but it can be used on any skin type. It deeply hydrates your skin and regulates your oil production, without leaving your skin dry or compromising your skin barrier.


The refreshing feeling on your skin will leave you addicted to this hydrating gel!


Some of the key ingredients to our successful formula are:


  • Burdock root extract – anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action
  • Juniper fruit extract – antioxidant, soothing and anti-inflammatory
  • Thyme extract – with antifungal and antiseptic properties


Apply it 2x a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Give it 15 days to start seeing a difference in your skin!


You can apply it on top of our Acne Spot Facial Oil to achieve better results.

We recommend you try it as well with the Nature Cleanser and the Nature Facial Mist to really boost your results!

How to use

Apply 3 or 4 drops and massage until full absorption.


This product is available for delivery between 1-3 business days (Portugal and Europe) / 3-5 business days (Rest of the world).

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We are committed to treating your skin as naturally as possible.

For us it is essential that your skin is a reflection of your natural beauty.