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Nature Secrets Cosmetics is a portuguese vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic brand that has the mission of simplifying your skincare routine through high quality cosmetics based on botanical extracts. We take care of the skin and the planet.

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Lia Cardoso, Nature Secrets Cosmetics Founder

Lia, who holds a master´s in degree in dermocosmetics, has been developing her own cosmetics for years.

Because of her professional makeup classes, she found that was more easy starting her own cosmetic line with the values she wanted to see on cosmetic industry.

This led her to try natural ingredients and quicly realized the power of them on her students skin.

Nature Secrets Cosmetics was born in 2020 in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic as is a result of the combination of Lia's interest in natural ingredients and having a good skincare routine without toxic ingredients.

Our store

We opened our first store in 2021 in Gondomar, and we started offering packaging-free and bulk products.

In September we opened a second store in Madrid. Now we are developing a new brand image and we're so excited to share it with you!